Two Refugee Youth Are Making Waves in Utah’s Tech Sector

For the past several years, Utah’s Refugee Services Office (RSO) has offered free, volunteer-led tech classes for refugees. Initially, these classes began with a youth focus, but eventually grew into certification-based classes for adults. In spite of the shift, two 17-year-old refugee youth showed great commitment and continued on into the adult classes.

Omar, from Somalia, and Abdullah, from Iraq, have attended three years of ongoing computer programming training. RSO staff connected them with internships through the Salt Lake County Youth Services Summer Internship Program and private sector tech partners. More...

Individuals and Organizations Who Made a Difference to People Experiencing Homelessness

Each year individuals and organizations are recognized for their efforts in serving people who are experiencing homelessness. Those recognized have gone above and beyond to help people make a positive change in their lives. The following individuals are winners of the 2018 Utah Homelessness Summit Awards.

Partnership Award

Association for Utah Community Health, The Community Foundation of Utah and Fourth Street Clinic

Association for Utah Community Health, The Community Foundation of Utah and Fourth Street Clinic worked together to create the Nurse Care Management Program, bringing a higher level of interagency cooperation to Salt Lake City. In April 2018, registered nurses and community health workers were placed at First Step House, YWCA-Utah, The Road Home, Volunteers of America-Utah and the Housing Authority of Salt Lake to help better serve clients who needed medical attention, but were unable to travel for routine medical care. They have already treated hundreds of new patients, improving their health and quality of life. More...

They're Here - Utah Releases New Long-Term Occupational Projections

Methodological Changes Don’t Affect the Overall Trends

By: Lecia Parks Langston, Senior Economist

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”

-C.F. Kettering

What’s the most frequently accessed information on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website? Occupational outlook data. Why is the public so interested in these figures? Occupational outlook or projections data is used by individuals and counselors in career and employment planning. This information can also help education leadership plan new training and instructional programs. In addition, economic development personnel use it to understand the strengths of their local economy and planners use it to strategize for the future.

The Utah Department of Workforce Services projects occupational (and industry) employment every two years following the publication of BLS data. These Utah projections fill the same career, educational and economic planning needs at the local level. Our most recent projections are now available for state and substate areas. More...