Avoid These Common Mistakes When Applying For a Job

Utah’s unemployment rate is at three percent, so now is a good time to be looking for a new job. Even though employers may be fighting for qualified candidates, there are still mistakes you could make to knock yourself out of the running.

Jonathan Matthews, a Work Success Coach, recently sat down with Fox 13’s The Place to talk about the common mistakes that candidates are making and how to correct them. More...

Utah: A Tale of Two Economies

By: Mark Knold, Supervising Economist

The Utah economy consistently performs well. At times, recessions do arise; but, once they are done, Utah’s upward economic trajectory resumes. The nation’s last recession was 10 years ago. It was rather dramatic given its “Great Recession” label. But that was 10 years ago; Utah has fared well since.

Every state experienced employment loss in the 2008–2010 period. That means every state had an employment count higher in 2007 than in 2009. Those 2007 levels are each state’s pre-recession employment high point (with a few exceptions). To eventually return to that level thereafter means a state has matched its employment count achieved before the recession began. But that level is just economic recovery. What about going over-and-above? To go above is to add prosperity. More...