Workforce Wednesday: The Job Seeker Support Network

One of the key functions of Workforce Services is to help job seekers find their next opportunity. And since job seekers are located all throughout Utah, it only makes sense that our department is too.

Many of our resources are accessible anywhere, anytime on our website: But we also have a physical presence across the state with more than thirty employment centers dotting the map. These centers are a resource to help local job seekers with things like mock interviews, skill building workshops, hiring events, and much more.

The best part is, the employees who staff these centers are members of the local community, living and working right alongside those they serve. Countless resources from the state, combined with local expertise of people who truly understand the communities they serve, provides a strong local presence to help job seekers all across Utah take the next step in their career.

To learn more about the resources in your area, visit

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