Workforce Wednesday: Targeted help for veterans

When veterans leave military service, they often face additional barriers to employment in the civilian labor market. As such, Workforce Services goes to great lengths to make this transition as smooth as possible. Serving veterans is a lot like serving other job seekers, except with some additional variables to keep in mind.

Is the veteran’s military experience in demand in the private sector? How can they take advantage of the education resources available to them? What’s the best way to navigate a job market that seems so different from their military career?

We train our staff how to answer questions like these and more each year at our Veterans Conference. This week, key Workforce Services staffers from all over the state are gathering in Heber to learn the best methods for helping veterans find good employment. Veterans show unmatched dedication in their military service, so we feel it is our duty to show the same dedication to helping them be economically successful as a civilian.

For more information about the resources we offer to veterans, visit our Veteran Job Seeker Page.

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