Workforce Wednesday: Innovating Work-based Learning

Six years ago—in the height of the Great Recession—what Utah’s economy needed most of all was jobs. Fast-forward to today, and you’ll see a state economy that is vibrant and growing, thanks to many consecutive months of strong, diverse job growth and low unemployment rates.

But with the robust job market comes the need for workers to fill all these jobs. That’s why, in addition to the many workforce development tools we already employ, we’re excited to participate with other state partners in the 2016 Policy Academy on Work-based Learning. This academy, part of the National Governor’s Association Center for Best Practices, will help states like Utah incorporate work-based learning into current development programs. The NGA press release available here has more information.

The key takeaway from this announcement from the NGA is that Utah is committed to a strong economy, which necessitates a vibrant workforce. By utilizing the resources of the NGA, learning from other states’ best practices, and continuously innovating the successful programs right here in Utah, we’ll be able to keep adapting our workforce development pipeline to meet the growing needs of industry.

We’ll be closely involved with this opportunity as it unfolds, and we’re excited about what it can bring to Utah’s workforce and economy.

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