Workforce Wednesday: Celebrating WTC Utah

Exporting to foreign markets has become a far more doable task thanks to the World Trade Center Utah, a key community partner of Workforce Services. Today WTC Utah celebrates its 10th anniversary of helping Utah businesses to “think, act, and succeed globally.”

Workforce Services focuses on helping connect Utah job seekers and employers, to help ensure all the new opportunities created by our private sector are quickly filled by qualified staff. With that focus, we recognize the importance of growth opportunities for Utah businesses. Accessing previously untapped markets provides a new venue for Utah firms to expand, which in turn drives job growth at home.

We’ve been partnering with WTC Utah to support their rural outreach throughout the state, and we’ve been incredibly pleased and impressed with the good work they do. Together, along with other key partners in Utah, we can continue to bolster the economies of our rural areas, and the state as a whole.

We offer our congratulations to our friends at WTC Utah on their first ten years, and look forward to their continued efforts to help Utah businesses success in a global marketplace.

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