Success Story: Food Stamp & Cash Assistance Card Conversion

Two years ago, Workforce Services began working on a Request for Proposal (RFP) seeking a new contract for Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) services due to the expiration of its contract with JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase had announced that it would no longer provide EBT services, forcing Utah down a fast track conversion.

Conversion often takes two years once a contract is signed, but the loss of the contracted vendor required Utah to convert in less than one. A new contract was signed in December 2015, with Xerox, conversion planning beginning in January 2016.

Over the past 10 months a select team from Workforce Services and the Department of Technology Services (DTS) have worked together to ensure a smooth transition. A few weeks prior to conversion, Workforce Services, DTS and Xerox tested the system and it was clear that the team had been successful despite the short time frame allowed.

Conversion activities began on Friday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. and were completed on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 5:46 a.m. with the first EBT transaction being completed nearly two and a half hours ahead of schedule. More than 225,000 individuals receive benefits issued onto the state EBT card, all continued to receive these important benefits without incident or interruption.

Our goal is to implement large changes, like this EBT conversion, with as little impact as possible to our customers. Thanks to the knowledge and dedication of the entire EBT conversion team — which included Workforce Services, DTS, Xerox and JPMorgan Chase — we were able to accomplish our goal with incredible success.