2000 — Legislative Audit Calls Workforce Services Successful

20th Anniversary of the Utah Department of Workforce Services


The Office of Legislative Auditor General releases a very favorable review stating Workforce Services had accomplished its objectives and was judged successful just three years after its creation. This is significant since the office’s previous audit characterized Utah’s employment and training programs as a “fragmented system.” The 2000 follow-up audit focused on key questions: 

  • Did the department realize its goals to increase customer service? 
  • What efficiencies have been gained as a result of the consolidation? 
  • What major policy issues raised in the original audit have been addressed?

Several were impressed by the success including Representative Kory M. Holdaway who said he was particularly impressed with the quality of staff that the department had working to meet the needs of Utah citizens.


5 minute phone call to approve eligibility benefits at new central region eligibility service center. $25 million saved to Utah employers with UI tax reduction. 8,020 new employer registrations.
The Internal Audit team in 2000 shown left to right (front row): Mont Palmer, John Levanger (Director), Randy Hicks, (top row): JoAnne Van Os, Gary Turpin, Carolyn Parsons. 
(From left to right): Stephen Maas, Vicki Varela, Bob Gross, Clay
Hiatt and Arthur Benjamin cut the ribbon at the Central Region Eligibility Service Center Open House.
Bob Gross (center) testifies before the House Ways and Means’ Subcommittee on Human Resources about Unemployment Insurance and Eligibility Services reform. 
Channa Montague, second from left, was honored at Central Region’s “Celebrate Success” Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Also pictured are her employment counselors and trainers (from left to right): Tracy Harris-Belnap, Justin Jones, Debbie Garretson, Mary Silva and Mary Anne Barber.
2000 annual report
2000 Annual Report. Click image to read.

Janet Butterfield ran a one-person employment center in Junction. Customers could receive any and all services that were available at larger employment centers.

  • Y2K preparations pay off as Workforce Services emerged unscathed
  • The U.S. General Accounting Office visits Utah to gather best practices
  • The Business Services Center opened in Salt Lake and Tooele counties for employers
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits program recognized for outstanding performance by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOL ETA)
  • Wyoming governor’s cabinet explores replicating Utah’s success; many other states follow
  • Case management portions of UWORKS released for testing
  • Third Employment Center Design Team commissioned
  • One of 17 states to receive TANF High Performance Bonus for two consecutive years
  • Heber Employment Center opened
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