Eligibility Services Addressing Intergenerational Poverty

As part of the Department of Workforce Services’ comprehensive efforts to reduce the number of Utah families in intergenerational poverty (IGP), the Eligibility Services Division (ESD) has become a frontrunner in effectively engaging with and supporting these individuals and their families.

For a majority of Utah’s IGP population, contact with ESD is the only direct interaction they have with Workforce Services. ESD leadership recognized the unique opportunity their division has to become actively involved in serving these households. A work group was formed to identify what could be done to increase the division’s effectiveness in serving IGP customers. A significant outcome of this work group was the establishment of Community Resource Liaisons within ESD’s various teams.

Each of the division’s 36 Operations teams, as well as the Quality Control team, Performance Review team and Investigations team, has designated an eligibility staff member to serve as a Community Resource Liaison. These liaisons are the primary experts in the many programs and resources available in local communities throughout Utah to help our IGP customers break the cycle of poverty.

The liaisons are continuously gathering information to share, update and train their respective ESD teams. In turn, ESD staff are able to better connect the customers with whom they interact, to local community resources. This proactive effort will benefit the lives of our IGP customers, as well as all our other customers, as they strive to achieve economic stability.

While it’s the job of ESD staff to serve Utahns statewide, they also live in Utah’s communities and are intimately familiar with the challenges many of their neighbors face. This spring, all of the eligibility teams worked together to gather donated items for women in children in crisis, including pillows, sunscreen and children’s clothing. ESD staff statewide collected nearly 2,400 items to donate to the YWCA, infusing this valued community partner with critical items needed to help Utah women and their families.

Tremendous thanks and gratitude go out to all ESD staff for their generosity and participation in this donation drive, and their commitment and dedication to serving Utahns in need.

For more information about Workforce Services’ Eligibility Services Division, visit: https://jobs.utah.gov/department/eligibilityservices.html