New Workforce Services Logo

20th Anniversary of the Utah Department of Workforce Services


The Department of Workforce Services began with the divisions that would become Workforce Development, Eligibility Services, Unemployment Insurance, Workforce Research and Analysis and the Office of Child Care. Combining several agencies into one department brought together an array of services, with a focus on Utah’s workforce at the center of it all.

Three new divisions have since been added to the department: Refugee Services, Housing and Community Development and the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. Even with the broader scope created by the added divisions, supporting Utah’s workforce is still a central element in the department.

By strengthening Utah’s workforce, we are strengthening communities, families and individuals, helping them chart their own path to success. Our programs and services open doors for customers to pursue their goals. Recognizing the transformation that has taken place, it’s time for Workforce Services to embrace a new look and a new logo to represent the work we do for all Utahns.

New Workforce Services Logo
Learn more about the transformation of the new logo in this short video.

Each public-facing division also has a new logo to help emphasize the range of programs the department offers and educate the public about the services available to them. While the Department of Workforce Services has one mission, each of the divisions works toward that mission in a different way; that's why each division logo features the same Workforce Services icon with a different color to reflect their unique approach.

Division logos for each of the divisions.

The Workforce Services mission statement has been updated slightly to include the word "communities." The focus of the department is supporting the economy and workforce, but we do that by serving people and strengthening Utah's communities — our rural towns, urban neighborhoods, families, refugees, veterans, workers, students, employers, people with disabilities and those who are homeless.

The Four Cornerstones have also been updated slightly, changed from "we will" statements to "we do" statements. While we are constantly striving for improvement, we are achieving the standards laid out in the Cornerstones.

Mission Statement: We strengthen Utah's communities by supporting the economic stability and quality of our workforce.
Four Cornerstones: Operational Excellence: We deliver the highest quality public service, with innovative methods, at the most efficient cost. Exceptional Customer Service: We meet the needs of our customers with responsive, respectful and accurate service. Employee Success: We provide an environment that fosters professional growth and personal fulfillment. Community Connection: We actively participate with and engage our community partners to strengthen Utah's quality of life.
Learn more about the history of the department with interviews from Governor Leavitt, Governor Herbert, Jon Pierpont and past executive directors.
The Workforce Services downtown administration office was renamed the Olene S. Walker Building on June 29. Learn more about the work she did to create the department.