Navajo Tribe Members Receive Free Hearing Aids

The Department of Workforce Services, Southern Utah Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program and the Sound of Life Foundation partnered to provide free hearing assessments and hearing aids for Utah residents on the Navajo reservation in August and September 2017.

According to case managers in the Bluff and Red Mesa areas of Utah, an estimated 150 Navajo Tribe members need hearing aids. Program partners set up appointments in Bluff and Red Mesa with nearly 200 Navajo Tribe members receiving hearing tests and 141 of them leaving with hearing aids.

The Southern Utah Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program discovered this need for hearing services on the Navajo reservation when it loaned hearing equipment to the area and found that it didn’t work properly since most of the area lacked electricity and water. In addition, the reservation lacks funds for a community audiologist and to purchase hearing aids. Through this program, residents are able to access hearing services and receive donated hearing aids from the Sound of Life Foundation. 

As the event organizer, the Southern Utah Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program worked with local case managers and senior center directors to set up the appointments. It also arranged lunch, water and transportation to and from the testing sites for residents with appointments.