Utah Center for Assistive Technology Hosts Open House


To celebrate October’s National Disability Awareness Month, the Utah Center for Assistive Technology (UCAT) hosted an open house to showcase the different assistive technologies available in Utah. The open house gave the public an opportunity to see what assistive technologies are available through UCAT and its partners.

The open house featured Brian Lahti as the keynote speaker who is a former UCAT client. Brian has a spinal cord injury resulting from a car accident when he was a teenager. Working with UCAT, he was able to improve his mobility while attending school and his driving mobility. Brian has since married, had twins and graduated from law school. He shared his experiences at the open house to help attendees understand how UCAT staff can change lives with their services.         

In addition to the keynote speaker, there were special presentations on assistive technologies, including devices that won the 2017 Best Devices of the Year awards such as the Seneca 2.0 Driving Controls and an adaptive trike.

Nearly 30 vendors were on site demonstrating different assistive technologies for driving, communication and daily living needs. Participants were able to test out assistive devices such as the iPad and Echo Smartpen, augmentative communication devices, modified vehicles, and CReATE refurbished wheelchairs.

UCAT is equipped to serve Utahns with disabilities across the state and help them find assistive technology for their daily lives. UCAT offers free need evaluations and customization for assistive devices to better meet the needs of each individual.

To learn more, visit usor.utah.gov/ucat.