On-the-job Training is the Key to a New Start: Sarah's Story

After being laid off from a technology support position, Sarah spent six months looking for a new job. Her previous job gave her some experience as a project manager, but she realized that she lacked some skills and education that most higher-level project manager positions require. 

Sarah decided that she needed to improve her skills and education level, applied for training assistance and enrolled in a project manager course at Mountainland Applied Technology Center. While Sarah was taking the project manager course, she worked with a Workforce Services employment counselor to increase her chances of success. 

In order to supplement her education and work experience, Sarah and her employment counselor discussed her options and agreed that obtaining employment with the On-the-job Training (OJT) reimbursement program would be a good choice for Sarah’s situation. Through the OJT program, employers may be reimbursed part of the employee’s wages to supplement the costs of training a less experienced new employee. Sarah met a with workforce development specialist who started looking for employers that would be interested in hiring her on an OJT.

Sarah was determined to succeed, so she attended Work Success Workshops and completed further career counseling with her employment counselor. Through continued case management and support, Sarah increased her knowledge about the industry and better understood what was expected of a professional project manager.

Sarah was placed at a company in a project manager position with a starting wage of $31.25 an hour, starting her on a fulfilling and exciting new career!