Who can apply?

  • Working families who need medical coverage for their children and do not have access to other health insurance
  • What does CHIP cover?

  • Doctor visits, prescriptions, immunizations, dental, hospital, mental health services, etc.  Check your individual health plan for more details.
  • You can also call toll free 1-866-772-1261 or go to http://health.utah.gov/umb/ for more information
  • Do I have to pay for CHIP?

  • With some exceptions, you will pay a quarterly premium of either $30 or $60 (depending on your income) and a small co-payment for certain services.
  • Which doctors will take CHIP?

  • The CHIP health plan you choose will provide you a list of doctors who accept CHIP.  It's important to follow this list and be aware of any changes so that you don't use a doctor who doesn't accept CHIP.
  • To choose your health plan and get more information about your benefits, talk to your local Health Program Representative (HPR).  You can find your local HPR by calling toll free 1-866-772-1261 or going to http://health.utah.gov/umb/