Workforce Wednesday: Intergenerational Poverty is about human capital and potential

The past couple weeks have seen quite a bit of movement regarding Utah’s efforts to help families climb out of the cycle of poverty. Executive Director Jon Pierpont testified before Congress about Utah’s research on intergenerational poverty. KUER picked up the testimony in their news coverage. And Jon also co-authored an op-ed with Natalie Gochnour outlining the importance of economic stability as a key component of this discussion.

We don’t think of this as simply a poverty issue. Really, it’s a workforce issue. The thousands of Utahns (not to mention their children) who today face additional barriers to full economic success represent lost human capital. Most of these adults work, but don’t earn enough or have steady employment. More...

Serving Refugees in Utah

The increased news coverage of refugee crises throughout the world has many people asking how they can help. There are many ways for Utahns to get involved through the donation of:

  - Money (online donation option available at United Way 2-1-1)

  - Goods

  - Services

  - Volunteer time

For a full list of donation and volunteer opportunities, visit

“The best thing you can do to help a refugee is to befriend a refugee.”
-Gerald Brown, Director, Utah Refugee Services Office More...

Workforce Wednesday: Connecting Utahns With Opportunity

Every so often, it’s beneficial to look at where you’ve been and how far you’ve come — and that’s particularly true when looking at the economy. From the depths of the recession just a few short years ago to our sustained economic growth today, Utah’s economic comeback story is one that has drawn a lot of attention.

This is because job growth above three percent isn’t common for state economies. But really it’s not the number that matters, it’s what that number represents for Utah jobseekers and their families. The October 16 employment report shows that Utah’s economy added 51,700 jobs over the past year. That’s tens of thousands of new opportunities for Utahns looking for an opportunity to work and contribute to the economy. More...