Poverty Rates and College Students: A look at the impact on Utah’s college towns

By: Andrew Reeve, Economist

Poverty rates are an indicator of how well an economy of any size can provide the economic means to support its citizens. High poverty rates suggest that an economy has underlying issues that are not allowing the citizenry to reap the benefits of a truly prosperous and healthy economic environment or that there is simply not enough economic opportunity in the area. It’s easy to blame the issues on a lack of management by local governments or institutions that are designed to help those they serve. However, published poverty rates neglect to factor in the presence of poverty populations who may have domestic tranquility and a strong sense of general welfare. Those are, at least for the sake of argument presented in this article, college students. More...

The State of Utah’s Workforce

September has been National Workforce Development Month. At Workforce Services, our business is Utah’s workforce. Since our department was formed 20 years ago, we’ve supported Utah’s job seekers and businesses during the ups and downs of the economy. Following the Great Recession, our staff has helped Utahns in every corner of our state become employed. Even with a growing population, individuals are finding work and supporting their families. The numbers speak for themselves: