Utah's Gender Wage Gap

By Gwen Kervin, Regional Economist

When analyzing the profile of women in the workforce, economists often point to a wage gap between men and women. Such a gap is calculated by dividing the median female wage by the median male wage. The median is considered a better measure of the central tendency than averages, which can skew on the high or low end. 

There are several datasets which can be selected for comparison, but this analysis will utilize the Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey. It shows that nationally, adult women who work full-time earn approximately 81% of what their male counterparts earn. Looking at Utah, the ratio drops to 72%. Note that seasonal and part-time workers are excluded from these estimates as they introduce variability between the gender measures. Only full-time employment is used as it produces the identical standard needed for the uniform measure.   More...

Utah's Employment Summary: October 2022

SALT LAKE CITY (Nov. 18, 2022) — Utah’s nonfarm payroll employment for October 2022 increased an estimated 3.1% across the past 12 months, with the state’s economy adding a cumulative 50,600 jobs since October 2021. Utah’s current job count stands at 1,690,000.

October’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate is unchanged at 2.1%. Approximately 37,300 Utahns are unemployed. The October national unemployment rate increased two-tenths of a percent to 3.7%. More...

Seasonal Employment

With the holidays and winter approaching, ‘tis the season for hiring seasonal employees. As an employer, you may need to use different hiring strategies and data in an already competitive employment market.

According to the economists at Workforce Services, the people you are likely to hire for your seasonal positions already have jobs. In fact, with Utah’s dynamic economy and plentiful employment opportunities for job seekers, the state has twice as many hires as it has quits at any given time. Thus, job seekers can be particular and selective, especially with seasonal employment. More...