The Economic Changes of Silicon Slopes Since 2010

By Lyndsey Stram, Senior Economist

In recent years, Utah’s Silicon Slopes has shown major growth and change. Silicon Slopes is the nickname for parts of Utah County where technology employment is centered. This area includes the cities of Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Highland, Lehi, and Pleasant Grove. Silicon Slopes has seen a higher degree of employment growth relative to its population, placing it in the spotlight as an emerging employment center. This is a shift away from the Provo/Orem area, which had previously been the only major employment center in Utah County. More...

New County Economic Snapshots For The Second Quarter Of 2021

By Michael Jeanfreau, Lecia Langston, and Lyndsey Stram (Regional Economists)

Check out the overall economic health of counties in Utah during the second quarter of 2021 in the below summaries and data visualizations. The quarterly county snapshots feature updates on economic indicators such as nonfarm job growth, unemployment rates, dwelling unit permits, and gross taxable sales. More...

Utah’s Economic Performance During The Pandemic Recession

By Lecia Parks Langston, Senior Economist

“The One with COVID-19”

If the recent economic downturn were an episode of Friends, it would be titled “The One with COVID-19.” The pandemic recession was unprecedented in modern history. The economic deterioration proved sudden, extreme and profound. More importantly, this downturn was not created by the variations of the business cycle, but resulted from public health directives aimed at curbing the spread of illness and death. Whether you call it a virus-cession or a pandemic recession, this economic downturn evidenced a unique pattern. More...