Homelessness on the Decline in Utah

We often lump those who are homeless into one category based on myths and stereotypes. The reality is there are many faces of homelessness. In fact, they are our neighbors: 88 percent of Utah's homeless population lived in Utah when they became homeless.

Although the causes of homelessness are complex, there are solutions. In 2014, it is estimated that 13,621 persons experience homelessness in Utah; at the same time, homelessness in Utah has steadily declined since 2012. The Utah Housing and Community Development Division collaborates with community partners, both public and private, to tackle the complex issues of homelessness and implement solutions that work.

Most notably, we are on track with our 10-year plan to provide housing opportunities to all chronic homeless persons and homeless veterans. Since 2005, chronic homelessness has declined 72 percent primarily due to the provision of permanent supportive housing for targeted individuals using a housing first approach.

The initiatives we are implementing in Utah are yielding tremendous results in improving lives, cutting community costs for services, and creating a more efficient and effective service delivery system.

Check out our 2014 Comprehensive Report on Homelessness for more information on what is being done to help our neighbors and end homelessness in Utah.