A Unified Community Fosters Economic Opportunity

Driving through unique Uintah Basin you’ll witness scenic vistas, Vernal’s famed pink dinosaur statue, and a growing presence of business establishments. Though you’ll see the evidence of a growing economy, the partnerships that help the area flourish may not be quite as obvious.

The Uintah CountyBasin’s business, education, and government leaders have come together to help move the area’s economy forwarded in an unprecedented way. By aligning educational outcomes to industry needs, the community has built a solid pipeline that helps ensure today’s students are equipped for tomorrow’s jobs.

One way the community has come together is through the support of the Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership. Commonly called UCAP, this program administers grant money to educational institutions that train students in key economic sectors. The private sector, local economic development leaders, and education administrators have all helped this program make a real difference in the lives of Uintah CountyBasin residents.

By focusing on this alignment through a myriad of local partnerships, we’re seeing rapid growth and burgeoning new opportunities in the Basin. It’s just another example of what makes Utah’s economy standout from the rest.

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