DWS Division Director, Gordon D. Walker, Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Gordon D. Walker, director of Utah's Housing and Community Development Division (HCD), received the 2014 Utah Apartment Association Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions and invaluable service in the housing industry. Walker has focused a significant portion of his career on removing barriers to housing.

Since coming to HCD, Walker has developed and implemented several acclaimed and innovative programs:

  • The Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund Board has streamlined application processes and effectively increased the loan fund corpus from $42 million to more than $124 million.
  • In 2014, the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund Board collaborated with various lending institutions in Utah's private sector to create a Transportation Oriented Development Fund, to invest Community Reinvestment Act Funds into the local community.
  • In 2014 alone, more than $172 million dollars were leveraged with other fund sources to help construct or rehabilitate 972 unites of affordable housing throughout the State of Utah.
  • The production rates from the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund has averaged 750-800 multi-family unites and 100-125 single-family units per year over the past five years.

Walker has been a driving force behind the Utah's plan to end chronic homelessness. Under his leadership and collaboration, the State of Utah has reduced chronic homelessness by 72 percent.

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