Workforce Wednesday: Developing Workplace Skills

Finding a job depends on two things: the skills of the job seeker and the needs of the employer. You might be the best Neil Diamond impersonator in all of Utah, but if no one in the state is hiring for a convincing diamond-clad entertainer, it won’t get you very far. As part of a series on workplace skills, this blog post introduces three different types of skills that your future employer wants you to have.

First: transferable skills. These are exactly what they sound like: relevant skills you have that you can transfer to a specific position with an employer. Since they are vital to any successful job search, you need to identify what they are and why the employer should care.

We also hear more and more that employers are looking for soft skills — traits that are more general (not specific abilities like graphic design software experience) that will help you function well in a workplace. Problem-solving, organization, time management, teamwork, and communication are some key soft skills to develop and then highlight in your resume.

Last are the specific job skills that employers need for a particular position. Software engineer positions might require a specific degree or knowledge of a program, truck driving would need a CDL, and so on.

Having the right match of skills makes you very appealing to an employer — and puts you in a strong position during the interview and even salary negotiation. Next week we’ll delve a little deeper into these skillsets.

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