Workforce Wednesday: Serving the Veteran Workforce

General George S. Patton said of American soldiers killed in combat that we should “thank God that such men lived.” With the observance of Memorial Day this week, people across the country did just that—honoring the commitment and sacrifice of loved ones who once donned the uniform of our armed forces. But when the flags are put away and the flowers have wilted, how do we continually honor our lost service members every other day of the year?

Ensuring a strong, free, and prosperous nation is one way we can help support what these men and women died to protect. The last part—prosperous—is where we hope to make a difference.

In our own small way at Workforce Services, we strive to help fuel a state economy that provides opportunity for all residents—and especially those returning veterans looking for a new opportunity. Here’s a snapshot of what we do for veteran job seekers:

  • The Accelerated Credentialing to Employment program, commonly called “ACE,” helps veterans translate their military experience to civilian careers.

  • We have veterans’ priority of service in our online labor exchange.

  • A three day workshop is available specifically for veterans to guide their transition to civilian employment.

These are just some examples of the efforts our agency makes. We value our partnership with the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, as well as all other state agencies and entities that serve Utahns. We all want a state and nation that is worthy of the sacrifice of those we honor on Memorial Day, and we each have a role to play in that endeavor. So at Workforce Services we join with all others expressing gratitude for the price that was paid to keep our nation safe. And we pledge our best effort to contribute to the continued prosperity and strength of what was bought with that sacrifice.

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