Economist Insight: Utah & Location Quotients

Ever wondered how Utah ranks nationally in employment for industries that rely heavily on research, development and STEM training? Well, there's now an app for that.

Using a simple visualization tool, you can explore the myriad of so-called Advanced Industries nationwide and see which ones are significant to Utah.

Workforce Services Economist Matt Schroeder recently outlined the impact of so-called Advanced Industries in Utah:

"[Advanced industries employ] about 147,000 people, or 11 percent of the state total — larger than the national share. And like Advanced Industries nationwide, Utahns in these industries are paid higher-than-Utah-average wages. Not only that, but wage growth tends to be faster than other industries as well." (Click here to read his full piece.)

Digging deeper, Schroeder calculated the Location Quotients of all 50 states in comparison to Utah's Advanced Industries. Location Quotients compare the share of workers in each industry in a specific state to the share of workers in the same industry nationwide. The results showed Utah ranks 6th in Advanced Industries employment concentration.

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