Workforce Wednesday: What Employers and Job Seekers Have in Common

One thing that business owners and current/future job seekers have in common is that they both want to take actions today that will economically benefit them in the future. Making business, education, or career decisions can be challenging, but fortunately there are tools at Workforce Services to help.

Our Workforce Research and Analysis division produces industry and occupational projections to help decision makers see where the economy is heading based on current and past trends. From long-term industry projections, to detailed job outlook information, there are numerous tools to help guide Utah’s economic innovators.

These projections can help you see the occupations and industries that are trending well over the next few years. We then encourage job seekers to contact businesses in these industries that are trending well to learn more about the current opportunities.

So whether you’re piloting the next big startup, or wondering which education path to pursue, head over to our Economic Publications page and get a little more informed about the many free resources at your disposal.

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