Workforce Wednesday: Helping Veterans Find Work

When veterans return to the civilian labor market, they can sometimes face additional barriers to employment. Private employers may not understand military terminology that often shows up on veterans’ resumes, veterans themselves may have trouble knowing which civilian jobs they qualify for, and some returning combat veterans even suffer from post traumatic stress.

The effect of these barriers are reflected in the unemployment rate for Utah veterans, which, for calendar year 2014 sits at 4.9%. The statewide average for all job seekers (as of June 2015) is 3.5%.

Fortunately, there are a number of initiatives to help veterans overcome these challenges and find meaningful employment. KSL’s Jed Boal profiled one program in a recent piece you can access here.

At the bottom of the story you’ll find a link to additional “Veteran Employment Services” provided through our department. Things like our Accelerated Credentialing to Employment program, Transition Assistance Program, and workshops spread around the state are just some of the offerings available. We’d encourage anyone interested to share Jed’s story — as well as our Veteran Job Seeker page — to spread the word about resources out there to help veteran job seekers.