Apprenticeships Offer Route to High-Paying, In-Demand Careers

Apprenticeships are a valuable asset to many Utah industries and will play an increasingly important role as the state strives to meet its growing workforce needs.

Justin Procarione of South Jordan is in the final year of his electrician apprenticeship program. He had this to say about his experience:

Apprenticeships in my eyes are a very valuable asset to anyone who wants to make great money without going to a four-year university and spending $40,000.  Overall in the apprenticeship I will have spent $5,000 on school and books [this includes DWS assistance], and when I finish I will make roughly $75,000. The fields that have apprenticeships such as electricians, welders and pipe fitters are a dying breed that is in high demand. People don't realize you can spend little, and make a lot with job security.

I started at a decent rate around $15 an hour, plus I medical, dental, two pensions and an annuity. That's nearly $22 an hour knowing nothing, not paying a dime into medical, just because they think you're willing to learn.

The number of people actually applying for these jobs and the need for people are so off that there is plenty of room, plenty of good work. The negative things are that layoffs can be frequent. Sometimes you work long hours, in the rain and snow, late nights.  Just like any other job, if you work hard and are an honest person, you'll stick around.

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