2003/2004 - Workforce Development and Information Division

20th Anniversary of the Utah Department of Workforce Services


The Workforce Development and Information Division is created to focus on industry sectors for workforce development along with producing labor market information and administrative program reporting. It is now known as the Workforce Research and Analysis Division.

In addition in 2004, Governor Olene Walker launched careers.utah.gov developed by the Workforce and Education Development Alliance. Workforce Services was the host agency of the Alliance and shared it as a comprehensive school-to-retirement career exploration website.


5.0 average unemployment rate. 8,703 new employer registrations. $31,684 average annual wage.
A group photo in 2004 of Central Region's Eligibility trainees.
Ten employees joined a telecommuting pilot in 2004. One of the locations was in Monticello (as pictured). As of May 2017, the department has 56 outreach workers and 142 residential telecommuters.
Salt Lake Tribune calls the Department of Workforce Services as "the place to hunt for work".
Deputy Director James Whitaker in Amman, Jordan presenting the services and business practices of Workforce Services.
“Making it Work” was published in 2004 documenting the department’s history. Read the online book version here.
Governor Olene Walker launched careers.utah.gov. Workforce Services was the host agency of the Workforce and Education Development Alliance that developed it.
James Whitaker, former deputy director of Workforce Services, talks about how the department started offering online services.
Olene Walker’s farewell to the department at the end of her term as governor.

2003 - 2004 KEY MILESTONES:
  • Workforce Services led intergovernmental effort to create business.utah.gov, a cooperative internet service for business customers
  • Adjudication Division named “most improved” in region by U.S. Department of Labor second year in a row
  • Unemployment Insurance Tax program recognized for outstanding performance by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOL ETA)
  • Pilot launched to study abbreviated application for financial assistance and Food Stamps
  • Utah one of two states to quickly develop a system to administer the Health Coverage Tax Credit
  • Workforce Services is named by USDOL as a mentor agency to assist other state employment agencies with demand-driven business services
  • First Workforce Summit hosted for employers, job seekers and youth
  • Roosevelt Employment center opened
  • First use of debit (EPPI) card to issue Unemployment Insurance benefits
  • Utah Economic Data Viewer launches as a searchable electronic tool for occupation and employment data
  • Harris Award received in recognition of excellence in the field of equal opportunity
  • New department mission, vision and code of ethics reflect new culture
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