Video Phones Available at Select Employment Centers

Workforce Services customers who are deaf or hard of hearing in the Salt Lake area can take advantage of select employment centers that have a free videophone available for communication. The video phones may be used to communicate for Workforce Services programs only and are available in the following locations: 
  • Metro: 720 S. 200 E, Salt Lake City
  • South County: 5735 S. Redwood Rd, Taylorsville
  • Midvale: 7292 S. State, Midvale

Customers don’t need to reserve the video phone ahead of time and there is no time limit unless others are waiting then staff may set a reasonable limit.

How do video phones work?

Video phones are used by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to place calls to those who are hearing. Calls made on a video phone are routed to an interpreter who is fluent in American Sign Language and appears on the video phone. The caller signs the message to the interpreter who then voices the message to the other caller. The interpreter will then sign any messages from the receiving caller back to the original caller.