Finding Child Care for Working Parents

Parents of young children who are considering joining the workforce or advancing their career are often concerned about finding high-quality, affordable child care. It can be a challenge for parents to enter the workforce when they don’t know where to start with child care. 

It’s important to select a child care program that provides a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate setting. The Department of Workforce Services' Office of Child Care helps working parents evaluate a program’s quality of services through our online

Searching for child care should be a thoughtful process. In addition to using the online tool, parents should also visit with child care providers and ask questions about quality indicators to make a better informed choice:

  • How many children are in the group? The smaller the group size, the better for your child.

  • How many children are there for each adult? The fewer the children for each adult, the better for your child.

  • What is the child care provider’s training and education? Child care providers with special training in working with children can better help your child learn.

  • How long has the child care provider been at the center or providing care in their home? It is best if your child stays with the same child care provider for at least a year.


Child care not only allows parents to expand their work opportunities, but it also supports the early childhood development of their child. These tips will help working parents evaluate whether the program is high quality and if it will support their child’s development and growth.

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