Refugee Employment Services in Utah

Utah is home to nearly 65,000 refugees from around the world. On average, Utah welcomes 1,200 refugees each year. They bring skills, values and attributes with them that make our communities vibrant and strong. While some refugees come with little education or formal job skills, others have obtained higher education and are experienced in their professional careers.

Utah’s refugee program is structured to provide the best outcomes for economic success and self-sufficiency for refugees and their families. This starts with collaborative partnerships between the state of Utah and a robust network of public, private, nonprofit and faith-based organizations that provide innovative programs and services to help refugees thrive in Utah.

The Utah Refugee Services Office within the Utah Department of Workforce Services oversees and coordinates federal and state funding for direct services administered by the state, as well as local nonprofit organizations. For example, Catholic Community Services of Utah, International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City and Refugee and Immigrant Center–Asian Association of Utah provide two-year case management services to assist refugees as they transition to their new life in Utah.

The Utah Refugee Education and Training Center — a partnership between Salt Lake Community College, Utah State University and the Utah Department of Workforce Services — is one example of how Utah is fostering opportunities for refugees to access family-sustaining employment through job-readiness workshops, short-term training programs, skills and business certifications, and English skills training.

Are you an employer interested in helping refugees in Utah?

The Utah Refugee Services Office is ready to connect you and your business to one of our or our partners’ programs, which include:

  • Mentoring refugees

  • Finding qualified job applicants

  • Sponsoring a short-term training or certification program

Contact Agnes Lomu, Refugee Employer Coordinator, at 801-414-5848 or