How to Make Your Job Search Easier

Jason Burton, a Work Success Coach, recently sat down with Fox 13’s The Place to talk about five ways job seekers can maximize their success in searching for a new job.

1. Define your target. Take some time to zero in on specific industries, locations and companies to start the job search process. This will create a more focused search and allow your network to help you find the right opportunities.


2. Create a Career Portfolio. Create a Career Portfolio with cover letter, master application or resume, letters of recommendations, references, awards, licenses and certificates all in one place. This makes it easier to pull together relevant experience for any job application or interview without having to re-do a lot of work.

3. Connect via LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to research companies and network with people who work for those companies. If you need help creating an account, attend a LinkedIn workshop at a Workforce Services office near you.

4. Join Work Success. Joining a Work Success class at a Workforce Services office is a great place to get help figuring out the next steps in a job search. Work Success is a two to four week course that’s a commitment of 20-40 hours a week, and there is a success rate of over 70 percent in people getting jobs in that time. Work Success coaches go over resumes, interviewing, networking and many other job hunting skills to help participants succeed. Most participants indicate that they value the support, motivation and self-worth they find in the class.

5. Trust yourself and treat yourself. Searching for a new job can be hard, and it’s easy to feel discouraged at times. Make sure to exercise, sleep well and go out for a treat every once in awhile.

Workforce Services offers a variety of workshops to help Utahns develop their job search skills. For job preparation help, visit a local Workforce Services office or for more information.