Apprenticeship Job Fair Offers Earn-and-Learn Job Opportunities

National Apprenticeship Week is Nov. 11-17 and Workforce Services hosted  an Apprenticeship Job Fair to connect job seekers with employers. More than 30 sponsors and 250 job seekers attended the job fair.

Apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training with relevant classroom instruction, allowing apprentices to develop valuable skills without accruing student loan debt.


 During the 2019 Legislative Session a commissioner of apprenticeships was created for Utah and Melisa Stark was appointed as  the first in the state and the country. Stark works with employers throughout Utah to help create apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of fields. 

Utah currently has more than 200 apprenticeship programs and more than 3,500 apprentices. Apprentices across many industries are helping to build a strong, skilled workforce and employers have the opportunity to train and create their own pipeline of qualified and highly trained employees.

Apprentices in Utah earn an average starting wage of more than $18.86 an hour with regular pay increases as each step of the training is completed. When an apprentice completes a program they are given nationwide industry certification similar to what someone would receive when they complete a program at a technical school or a four-year degree.

Visit our apprenticeship page to apply for current openings.