How does Workforce Services use data from the American Community Survey?

In Utah, we’re gearing up for the 2020 Census. Most people are familiar with the Census and expect to see notices about it every 10 years. But, what many people may not be as familiar with is the annual American Community Survey, administered by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Recently, local TV news coverage highlighted the potential confusion citizens may have when receiving a notice to participate in the American Community Survey.

Gephardt: Suspicious-Looking Census Letters Prove Legitimate | KSL 5

At Workforce Services, we rely heavily on the American Community Survey for important data that helps us answer the "why" about how our economy is performing.

To better understand what the American Community Survey is and how Workforce Services uses that data to provide good information to policy makers and the business community, Nate McDonald, assistant deputy director and host of our podcast — Workforce Unplugged — sat down with special guests Mark Knold, chief economist for Workforce Services, and Michael Jeanfreau, regional economist for the department.

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