USOR 100 – Spotlight on Employee Excellence: Feng Yang

Feng Yang has been working as a Cane Travel Instructor with the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) for the past 23 years. During that time she has worked with clients of various backgrounds and ages. Feng helps them get ready for the challenges they face and to ensure a better quality of life and work for each of them.

Years ago Feng read books about Helen Keller and was inspired by how Helen’s teachers helped her to become such a great person. When Feng saw the blind rehabilitation programs at graduate school, she jumped in and has loved it ever since.

Feng loves to help people, and loves to see people succeed and live independently. Through her training, DSBVI clients gain the skills to be able to do what they want to do and maintain their independence. She strives to help them reach their best potential. Feng says she loves that she is a part of the effort that makes it happen and it makes her want to do more.

Helping clients achieve their goals is why Feng loves her work. She works with each client from the day they come to the training program to the day they finish their training and move on with their life. Every day, she goes through the whole process of building up skills and confidence with them, helping them apply what they learned through their training and helps them solve problems. Feng says, “I go through ups and downs with my clients and I see them growing. Eventually they complete their travel requirements and come back from their graduation trip with a smile on their face. It gives me a great sense of achievement and I love that.”

Watch the following video to learn more about Feng and the cane travel services provided by DSBVI: