Utah's Hot Jobs: Summer 2021

By Lyndsey Stram, Regional Economist

As the State of Utah continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, a familiar problem has reemerged: worker shortages. An aggressive hiring push is happening in many industries statewide, while some workers remain tentative about returning to the job market. On the bright side for job seekers, many companies are offering perks like remote work, sign-on bonuses and increasing wages in order to entice workers.

Using Labor Insight from Burning Glass for data collection, the following information about top jobs includes all available job postings in Utah in the past 90 days (data collected June 2021).

Figure 1: Burning Glass Statewide Job Postings by Occupation (April-June 2021)

Source: Labor Insight

In the last 90 days, there have been nearly 148,000 statewide active postings during sometime in that period. While many of these jobs are entry-level positions, there are also several occupations on the list of the top 15 that require a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median estimated salary for the available job postings is just over $36,000.

Figure 2: Statewide Job Postings by Occupation, Associate Degree or Higher (April-June 2021)

Source: Labor Insight

When filtered by level of education at an associate degree or higher, there are nearly 49,000 job postings available statewide in the last 90 days. Some postings do not include an advertised education level and are excluded.

The occupation with the most openings is software developer/engineer. While the majority of these postings are in the Salt Lake Metro Area, there are openings for software developers/engineers in every Utah Metro Area. The estimated median salary for this position is over $85,000.

The occupation with the second most openings is registered nurse. This is another occupation available across the state. The estimated median income is $60,000.

Figure 3: Statewide Job Postings by Industry (April-June 2021)

Source: Labor Insight

Hospitals, higher education, restaurants and financial institutions are some of the industries that currently have the most openings. Accommodations, food service and recreation all saw a major upset last year with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and are returning to more aggressive hiring as the state and country tentatively return to ‘normal’ during the summer of 2021.

As the demand for workers increases rapidly, many workers can benefit from the competitive market. There are increased options for positions available, allowing individuals to compare perks, benefits and pay that companies offer.
As we start to get back to normal from the pandemic, many employers are hiring. Right now could be the perfect time to upscale your career. If you are over the age of 14, low income or have been laid off, you may be eligible for career and education assistance. Learn more about the program and see if you qualify by visiting one of our employment centers or visiting jobs.utah.gov/career.