9 Economic Dashboards Updated with New Data

The Utah Department of Workforce Services regularly updates its economic dashboards as new data becomes available from the U.S. Census Bureau and other sources. With the latest data available, our regional economists have recently updated the following interactive dashboards on our website:

  1. Unemployment Rates—Check out the current and historical unemployment rates for the nation, state and counties. View dashboard

  2. Nonfarm Jobs—Search for historical nonfarm jobs data and growth rates for the nation, state and counties. View dashboard.

  3. Cost of Living—Learn about the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers and calculate inflation, wage increases, and compare the cost of living for selected cities. View dashboard

  4. Annual Profiles—Explore historical annual data for the state and counties, including population, unemployment, jobs, demographics, wages, income, etc. View dashboard

  5. Economic Snapshots—View up-to-date economic indicators for the nation, state and counties. This includes jobs, unemployment rate, unemployment insurance claims, average wages, construction permitting and gross taxable sales. This also includes an updated quarterly analysis from our regional economists. View dashboard.  

  6. Regional Snapshots—Filter various economic indicators by region within Utah. View dashboard

  7. Unemployment Insurance Claims—Check out detailed historical data for initial unemployment insurance claims and weekly claims, including industry details, for the state and counties. View dashboard

  8. Site Selection Tool—Find data to help respond to site-selection data requests for businesses and governments that are exploring potential locations for a new building project. This data includes population, unemployment rates, commuting, occupational wages and other demographics. View dashboard

  9. Health Insurance Estimates—Explore the estimates of health insurance coverage, including some demographic breakdowns, for the state and counties. View dashboard