An Update on LMI Research Conducted by Our Shop

By Jeremias Solari, Assistant Director / Chief of Research

Utah’s labor market information (LMI) shop focuses on providing labor-related products such as the monthly jobs reportlabor economics data dashboards, fulfill data requests, present and educate on LMI information (e.g., conferences, meetings, committees, etc.), and a plethora of other tasks. In addition to these, the team engages in labor market research. Today, we provide a brief overview and update on research conducted at this LMI shop.

Multiple Job Holders
In our June 25th blog post we introduced our future research being published: Multiple Jobholding. This research looks into the behavior of individuals holding more than one job at a given time. See the article for more detail. We are curious to answer economically behavioral questions surrounding these individuals in the workforce. We are excited to be able to bring greater insight into this topic relatively soon. Its update is that it has completed an internal peer review, and we received great feedback from our reviewers. It will now go to our editor and designer. After this, the research will be internally presented and a data narrative created to summarize the findings and present the information in a user-friendly manner. Please, look for the research and accompanying data narrative to be published in the next six months.

The Growth of Silicon Slopes in Utah
Our regional economist Lyndsey Stram focused on understanding the growth of “Silicon Slopes.” Silicon Slopes has experienced an undeniable significant growth in the last decade, and we wanted to understand this growth in a more nuanced fashion. We wanted to answer questions such as: What firms were establishing locations in this geographic area? What industries were seeing relative growth? In addition, we wanted to develop data that we could internally discuss and provide to our users in the form of labor market information. There is technically no formal geographic definition of Silicon Slopes, however, we used a rectangular area, with the north end delineated by Lehi and the south by Orem, to specify the area of interest. The growth of firms and industries in this area was reviewed from 2010 through 2019. The update for this product is that the research is complete, and the findings will be presented and discussed in a later blog post this November.

COVID’s Impact on Firm Closures in Utah
There is no doubt that the number one economic topic in the last 18 months has been the COVID-19 pandemic. As an LMI shop, we are incredibly driven to research the effects of the pandemic on firm closures in Utah—it is rare that a major economic shock occurs to our economy. Throughout the last 18 months, there has been information published to suggest that firm closures might be increasing during the pandemic period. Our regional economist Michael Jeanfreau has researched this topic by reviewing the firm closure data surrounding Utah. Similar to the Silicon Slopes research, we wanted to have data to analyze and parlay into economic information which could elucidate our understanding of the firm closure situation in Utah during the pandemic time period. This research is currently in progress, and we shall provide findings in a future blog post.

Our shop is excited to be able to provide these upcoming research studies wrapped in an easily accessible user experience, either as a data narrative for the Multiple Jobholders research or in a summarized blog post for the Silicon Slopes and COVID firm closures research. We hope that our users will be able to derive value from the insight provided by these products.

Thank you, and stay safe out there!