State Workforce Development Board

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Utah Home Logo. It's the outline of the state. The top part is a golden yellow cascading over a dark blue mountain range with a white circle behind it like the sun rising or setting. The bottom part says UTAH HOME in big block letters.Earlier this year, Gov. Cox released the Utah Home plan, outlining his priorities for Utah. The three guiding pillars of the plan are People, Growth and Good Government. Some of the priorities include:
  • Education and learning
  • Expanding opportunities
  • The economic future of rural Utah
  • Customer service
State Workforce Development Board logo. The text says State Workforce Development Board and there are three icons above representing education (graduation cap) Workforce (a group of people) and one representing Utah (state outline)The State Workforce Development Board (SWDB) supports these priorities as well as the governor's vision for a dynamic state and diverse economy that is attractive to both employers and job seekers. The board is a partnership of state and local government, education, business, economic development and community organizations. It guides the strategic alignment of state programs, resources and services with employer needs to create a strong workforce development system for Utah.
Infographic: February 2023 Unemployment Rate in Utah is 2.4%. In U.S. the rate is 3.6%. Job growth in Utah is 2.8% and in U.S. is 2.9%. Average weekly initial unemployment insurance claims were 1,674. Initial unemployment insurance claims change was 30.8%.
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A photo of Casey Cameron dressed professionally. She is smiling and wearing a red blazer with a black shirt underneath and has a Workforce Services pin on her lapel.The State Workforce Development Board is composed of employers, industry leaders, education leaders and key workforce partners. It is a statewide body and board members are appointed by the governor. Casey Cameron, Department of Workforce Services executive director, serves as the governor’s designee to support the board. The SWDB committees include:
  • Apprenticeships - Chair: Joey Gilbert, Associated General Contractors/Co-chair: Jared Brydson, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 354
  • Career Pathways - Chair: Jim Boyd, busybusy/Co-Chair: James Jackson III, Utah Black Chamber
  • Operations - Chair: Gary Harter, Department of Veteran and Military Affairs/Co-Chair: Dan Walker, Clyde Companies
  • Services to Individuals with Disabilities - Chair: DeAnna Hopkins, Dominion Energy/Co-Chair: Lisa Angotti, Deer Valley Resort
  • Youth - Chair: Tommy Montoya, Procter and Gamble/Co-Chair: David Gray, Lagoon
"The State Workforce Development Board is a great resource for Utah businesses looking to build their workforce. We encourage employers to connect with board members in their industry to find out about events and programs available that may benefit their business." - Megen Ralphs, SWDB Chair and VP of Business Systems, Align Precision

Utah’s SWDB is responsible for:
  • Strategic and operational oversight of a comprehensive workforce development system ensuring support from key stakeholders to support regional economies
  • Helping the state achieve its goals as outlined in its Unified Plan
  • Ensuring continuous improvement with the quality and effectiveness of customer satisfaction with the services provided
The SWDB convenes quarterly and meetings are open to the public. To attend a general meeting, note the schedule here. To learn more about the board and its accomplishments, read its 2022 Annual Report

Employers are an integral part in helping the SWDB align its efforts with the governor’s Utah Home plan to support economic growth for small businesses while increasing  opportunities for Utahns such as access to education, learning and high quality careers. The Department of Workforce Services is here to help you with your business goals and needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the efforts of the board or any of its committees as well as the representation from or impacts to your area or industry, please connect with your local Workforce Services area director, State Workforce Development Board liaison, Liz Carver at or a SWDB board member.