Workforce Wednesday: Child Care Help for Job Seekers

We’re not quite at the time of year when the leaves start turning colors, but we are at the point where families start turning their minds back to school. While many youngsters are heading back to the classroom, some children aren’t quite old enough. For working parents, finding childcare that’s high quality is important for the well-being of their children.

Fortunately, the Utah Office of Child Care provides information on quality care, as well as a database to search for local providers. There are nearly 2,000 child care programs throughout Utah, and parents can browse for providers through the online portal. For more information, visit

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Utah's Employment Summary: July 2015

Summer has proven to be a strong season for Utah’s economy: Jobs for July 2015 grew by an estimated 4.5 percent, adding 59,100 jobs to the economy as compared to July 2014. Utah’s current employment level registers 1,371,800.

July’s unemployment rate rose one-tenth of a percent from last month to 3.6 percent — compared to the national unemployment rate unchanged at 5.3 percent. Approximately 53,000 Utahns were unemployed in the month and actively seeking work.More...

Workforce Wednesday: From Homelessness to Independence

Utah received a lot of attention for successfully housing more than 90% of its chronically homeless residents over the past decade, but the tools to equip these individuals to succeed don’t just end with a safe place to call home.

We just completed the first year of a pilot program that funds expungement assistance for formerly chronically homeless Utahns. By clearing petty crimes from their record, these individuals can take advantage of new opportunities in housing or employment.More...