Vibrant Economy Plus Healthy Fund Equals Lower Taxes for Employers

Employers who filed their first quarter wage report during April saw a reduction in their unemployment insurance tax rates, thanks to a strong economy and thriving unemployment compensation fund.

"Utah's strong job growth and low unemployment rate have fueled a healthy fund, which now translates into lower taxes for employers," said Michelle Beebe, director of the Utah Unemployment Insurance Division, which is part of the Department of Workforce Services.More...

Workforce Wednesday: How to Choose Your Career

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

Do you hear that question a lot? It’s a simple question people in the professional world like to ask.... but sometimes it’s not so simple to answer. Having a goal for where you want to be ten years from now usually requires a plan to get there. The first step? Choosing your career. Here are four steps to help.More...

Workforce Wednesday: Do's and Don'ts for Youth Summer Job-seekers

Summer is right around the corner, and that means Utah’s teenagers are looking for summer jobs. Thanks to strong job growth we’ve consistently seen in the economy, opportunities abound for young job-seekers. But some simple mistakes could hamper your job search—just as some easy actions could give you a leg up. Our Youth Program Specialist Kimber Burks went on the KUTV News noon show and shared these quick do’s and don’ts for summer employment.


Use your cell phone during the interview

Cell phone use is common among teenagers, but perhaps it’s becoming too common. Employers tell us that young applicants are often answering texts or calls in the job interview itself. This is a big thing to avoid—because it can instantly lose you the job. Keep the cell phones away when you’re chatting with a potential employer.More...