Employment Support Child Care

Child Care is a subsidy program that helps parent’s pay an approved provider for watching their children.

The maximum subsidy amount that can be paid each month to a provider may not cover the total child care expense because the providers may charge more than the subsidy rate. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Your household must include an eligible child under the age of 12 and/or a special needs child under the age of 18. A Child Care subsidy payment can be approved for employment only or employment and training. You will be asked to verify your income and hours worked. If attending training, you will be asked to verify your course of study, schedule, and graduation date.

Parent(s) must meet the following minimum work requirements:

Parents must meet the following training requirements:

Selecting a Child Care Provider:

You have the right to select the type of child care provider which best meets your family needs.

If you select a Family, Friend or Neighbor (FFN) as your provider:

Provider Payments

Payments will be made directly to your chosen provider each month.  Your provider will receive the Child Care payment by direct deposit to a financial institution of their choice or by check. Your provider will need to email occ@utah.gov (Office of Child Care) to set up an account in the DWS Provider Portal for direct deposit.

If you change providers after your current provider is paid for the month and they provide care, you will be responsible to pay your new provider for the month of change. DWS will not make the provider change until the following month.