Basic Information for SNAP (Food Stamp) Applicants


You may be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) but you need to talk to an eligibility specialist about your eligibility. 


  1. You are encouraged to apply for SNAP today.
  2. Benefits start with the day of application.
  3. Apply online at
  4. You may also apply at a employment center, or we can mail an application to you, however you may lose benefits due to mailing delays. 
  5. No documents are needed to file an application. 
  6. You may be eligible for expedited service (receiving SNAP within seven (7) calendar days).
  7. Identity is the only verification you need if you are eligible for expedited SNAP. 
  8. You may turn in an incomplete application as long as it has your name, address and signature. However, the entire application must be completed in order for your eligibility for SNAP to be determined.