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Parent/Caretaker Relatives (PCR)

Covers a parent or relative by blood, adoption or marriage of a dependent child who assumes primary responsibility for the child's care.

How to Qualify:

*Both parents or both non-parent caretaker relatives can be included in the medical coverage.

Transitional Benefits:

If you receive Parent/Caretaker Relative and your income goes over the income limit, you may be able to get more months of Medicaid: up to 4 months if the income increase was caused by spousal support and up to 12 months if it was caused by earned income.

Medically Needy Family

Medically Needy Family covers families who do not qualify for Parent/Caretake Relatives, 4-Month Extended or Family 12-Month Transitional because of income or other reasons.

How to Qualify:

  • Your net income (after deductions such as a $90 work allowance and child care expenses have been taken out) must not be more than the Medically Needy income limit for your family size.
  • If your income is above the income limit for Medically Needy programs, you can spenddown or "buy" Medicaid coverage by paying cash or turning in medical bills that bring your income below the income limit.
  • There must be at least one child who meets the deprivation of support criteria for the parent/caretaker relative to be eligible.
  • You can choose to leave children out of the coverage if you do not want the child's income to count.
  • The Medically Needy Family program has an asset test. The asset test limit is $3,000 for two people. Add $25 for every additional person.