Training Resources

We may be able to help with training or related expenses to individuals age 14 and up who are seeking their high school diploma, GED, ESL certificate or that want to obtain certificates and degrees with a specific career in mind.

DWS Funding

Apply online by logging into your Job Search account and clicking on Apply for Training Services, or apply in person at your local DWS office.

Program Restrictions

Depending on the type of funds you receive, there may be restrictions on your program of study and the school that you attend.

To find eligible schools for adult high school or GED preparation, ESL, or training in a specific occupation or degree, refer to the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).

Other Training Resources

Alternative Funding

High School & GED

Postsecondary Education & Training

Training Providers


Adult Education Providers, Schools, colleges, and universities must first be determined eligible by DWS before providing training to DWS funded customers. Apply here

Training Providers can:

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