Housing and Community Development Division


The Utah Housing and Community Development Division serves communities statewide. We build local capacity, fund services and infrastructure, and leverage resources for critical community programs by collaborating with organizations and partners dedicated to elevating life in Utah. From funding a rural water system improvement project to helping local agencies connect low-income families with energy assistance, we care deeply about the quality of life for our fellow citizens across the state.

We Provide:

  • Detailed information and analysis for data-driven decision making regarding the management of multiple programs throughout Utah.
  • Business strategies to enhance quality of life, create jobs and bring long-term sustainability to community systems.
  • Assistance to organizations statewide that work with challenging issues, such as hunger, homelessness and domestic violence.
  • The capacity to house — with supportive services — any person experiencing chronic homelessness in Utah who chooses to be housed.
  • The resources and tools needed for the development of affordable housing.
  • Affordable housing capacity statewide and encouragement of community-centered housing decisions.
  • Eligible homeowners with assistance to reduce their energy bills and improve their living conditions.

Weatherization Assistance Program image

Weatherization Assistance Program

Assists low-income individuals and families reduce energy costs and increase comfort and safety in their homes.

Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund image

Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund

Supplements agencies statewide through a competitive grant program to help move people out of homelessness.

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HOW we accomplish this: WE FUEL HEALTHY COMMUNITIES AND A HEALTHY ECONOMY by supporting local infrastructure projects and basic community services. Our work centers around:

  • Increasing accessibility to funding for important projects across Utah
  • Offering training and technical assistance
  • Helping rural communities leverage their resource investments
  • Partnering with other state agencies, local government, nonprofits and the private sector
  • Using state dollars wisely and efficiently



Community Development Block Grant Program

Administers federal grants for local infrastructure and public services projects to cities and towns of fewer than 50,000 people and counties of fewer than 200,000 people.

Permanent Community Impact Fund

Provides loans and/or grants to local governments in rural Utah impacted by mineral resource development on federal lands.
Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund

Leverages funds and develops affordable housing for very low, low and moderate-income persons as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Native American Revitalization Funds

Maximizes long-term benefits of oil and gas severance taxes derived from land held in trust by the federal government for the Ute and Navajo tribes.
Rural Planning Group

Offers leadership for rural communities by providing planning, planning tools and technical assistance, and by facilitating communication and coordination between stakeholders.

State Community Services Office

Provides guidance, oversight and funding to communities helping low-income individuals and families become self-sufficient by reducing poverty and improving their quality of life.
Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT)

Provides energy assistance to low-income households in the state of Utah.

Utah State Small Business Credit Initiative

Stimulates lending and activity for small businesses in Utah that cannot obtain credit from a financial institution without this assistance, but are creditworthy borrowers.