Press Release
June 13, 2023

St. George receives $10 million for a new parking structure to support the proposed new city hall

Salt Lake City (June 12, 2023) – The Permanent Community Impact Board (CIB) approved a $10,000,000 low-interest loan for a vertical multi-level parking structure for St. George.

"This parking structure will not only complement the upcoming construction of the new city hall," expressed Jerry Taylor, board member and Garfield County Commissioner, "but also exemplify the commitment of the Permanent Community Impact Board to empowering Utah communities by offering grants and low-interest loans. We take great pride in fostering the development of enduring spaces that will cater to the needs of generations to come."

The Permanent Community Impact Board awards grants and low-interest loans to cities, towns, and counties from funds directed to the CIB from mining and oil and gas extraction on federal land. Projects funded by the Permanent Community Impact Board benefit rural Utah by creating safer, more livable communities. The Utah Housing and Community Development Division manages the fund, which is part of the Department of Workforce Services. For more information, visit