Refugee Services Division


Utah is home to nearly 60,000 refugees from around the world. The Utah Refugee Services Office helps to improve the lives of refugees resettled in our community by coordinating services and resources to maximize integration. We believe the best way for Utahns to help refugees is to befriend a refugee.


We help refugees successfully integrate by educating the mainstream community, bringing the two groups together, and developing, funding and supporting services that allow refugees to become self-sufficient. These services include:

  • Case management
  • Skills-based employment
  • English language training

Collaboration between our numerous community partners and volunteers is essential to help ensure every refugee has the tools and resources needed to thrive. Additionally, we work to educate our welcoming community about who refugees are and the value they bring to our state. We provide opportunities for these two groups to come together to learn from each other and better understand one another.


HOW we accomplish this: Utah's Future Prosperity depends on successful refugee integration into our community — a dynamic, two-way process in which newcomers and the community work together and learn from each other, resulting in a more secure, vibrant and cohesive society.



We facilitate up to two years of supportive case management for all newly resettled refugees, in addition to some supportive services for individuals and families needing longer-term support.
Our partnerships with providers of English language training programs are critical to help refugees become successful in the care of their families and their employment.
We are committed to ensuring refugees are connected to the necessary social, medical and preventative health care services that are vital to their successful integration in their new communities
We support a variety of youth services that help them achieve success in their education and career goals. We also work with our community partners to find new, effective ways to support youth.
We aim to empower refugees to help themselves and find appropriate solutions for their unique challenges. Our team has a deep passion and commitment to assist our refugee neighbors preserve their rich cultural heritages.
The Refugee Education and Training Center at the Salt Lake Community College Meadowbrook Campus is the most recent addition to our services lineup to help refugees access the training needed to improve their quality of life.