Amy's Story

When I started in the DWS Work Success Program, I was about 8 months pregnant. I wasn’t actually looking for a job at the time, but I was looking to be prepared for when I would be.  I had a part time job working for my church as their Meal Coordinator, which I still have, and I was lucky to have that.  It helped that I have a degree in Culinary Arts that I obtained while I was serving in the Military.  

I learned so much in the class, and Trudi is such an amazing teacher.  I was so excited about what we were doing that I put three separate portfolios together — one for each specialty that I have had a job in.  It was amazing because I thought I knew what I was doing, I’ve have had jobs... But I really had no idea. When I got done with the class I was so confident in my ability to present myself that I was not so afraid to interview for a job.  I even got to help teach a little

and I became known as the go-to person for computer knowledge.  I had my mock interview and the person conducting it was so impressed she said to me, “I don’t know what you were interviewing for but I would have hired you.”  That was a great thing to hear. Without this class I would not have had the confidence to even apply for certain positions.

After I had my son, I started to apply for positions and went on a total of five interviews before I landed a job with my dream company. I would never have gotten the position if I had not first received the knowledge and confidence I got from Trudi in the Work Success Program. I am so thankful I had that opportunity and I am constantly talking to others about it.

Thank you for taking the time to have such an amazing opportunity available and such a wonderful teacher to help us accomplish our goals.