Hollie's Story

Hollie, a mother of three moved to Utah from California due to a pending divorce and needing family support.

Hollie applied for and received FEP benefits. Hollie was quickly introduced into the Work Success Program. Hollie did enter the program with a resumé, previous work experience, skills and abilities but was really lacking self-confidence. Her world as she knew it changed drastically. She and her kids were struggling with the changes. The four of them now had to adapt to a new area, new schools and life with more uncertainties.

Hollie began applying for several jobs but her self-confidence was not at the level it needed to be to make her as competitive as possible in the workforce. Hollie excelled in the classroom setting, she developed a stronger resumé that better marketed her skills and abilities.

Through the process of developing her marketing message and resumé writing, Hollie began to better understand how many skills and abilities she had to offer an employer. Through strong team work with her employment counselor and work success coach her confidence in herself and being self-sufficient began to build and become stronger.

Hollie obtained a part time job as a teacher aide and continued to look for full time employment. Today Hollie has obtained her full time employment with a company named Rise and has moved up ladder very quickly into a management position.

Hollie no longer receives FEP benefits and stops by the DWS office every now and then to say hi. We value this success story because Hollie regained her self-confidence and she has taken control back in her life. This benefits not only her, but her three children.